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Your Business Is Important To Us

Your Home Is very personal, important and valuable asset. Are you tired of feeling like just another listing to your real estate agent? At Trusted Advisers Realty, we understand the hard work and dedication you've put into your home. That s why we take a different approach. Our aggressive marketing mindset and 40 years of combined marketing and sales experience sets us apart. With our comprehensive 25 point marketing program, we guarantee that your home will get more exposure than with any other real estate industry in the world.

At Trusted Advisers, we dont just list homes, we sell them. Our commitment to your success is reflected in the fact that we limit the number of listings per agent/ employee to just 12. This allows us to give your home the individualized attention it deserves and achieve the best results for you. Trust us to be your trusted adviser and fight for the return on your investment. Give us a call now, and we will sell your home faster and for more money than anyone else can.

When choosing a real estate agent most home owners focus on the big brokerage like Remax. However, marketing your home depend only on the agent, who are independent contractors, and not brokerage at all.

Our Team

95% of home buyers find their home on the internet. That is why our team is made up of 10 University trained Software Engineers who have obtained certifications from all the major internet companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Team has over 40 years of combined internet marketing experience that they will bring to selling your house. We assign 2 specialist to your house, one will be in charge of social media content creation and the other will be in charge of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Our Methods

Step 1 Develop a Buyer Profile of your home

We do a thorough analysis of the Pros and cons of the house and the neighborhood to develop a buyer profile. The buyer Profile is a list of all the potential buyers and the reason why they would want to buy your house . Our buyer profiles are very detailed and include estimates of income, marital status, occupation, and age etc. of potential buyer. We use the profile to target our advertising dollars for maximum impact.

Step 2 Develop a competitor analysis

Based on specific characteristics of your home, and your buyer profile, we identity other homes and neighborhoods that might be competing with your home for the same buyers. The competitor analysis focuses on listing price, number of rooms, size of home and location.

The aim of the competitors analysis is to position your house to attract the most showings, and therefore sell faster than the competition.

Step 3 Develop a marketing exposure plan

Based on your buyer profile, and your competitor analysis, we will identity the best combination of offline and online marketing activities that would capture and persuade the most motivated buyer for your house.

Step 4 Home presentation & Home improvement plan

Home Presentation: Every home needs proper presentation to achieve maximum resale price even a brand new home. We will guide you on simple actions to take that will maximize the chances of getting top dollar for your home.

Home Improvement: A home Improvement plan may be required when there are deficiencies that would reduce your resale price less than it would cost to remedy them. Because we do not want you to leave any money on the table when selling your home, we provide zero interest home improvement loan that is paid back from the proceeds of the sale.

Step 5 Pricing & Negotiation Plan

Pricing Plan: The best way to determine the price for your house is to look at the demand and supply of houses in the past and anticipate the demand and supply of houses in the future, this is called Dynamic Pricing. Justin Iyizoba is an economist by training and has the experience to help you decide the best approach when pricing your home.

Negotiation plan: Requires obtaining detailed information about the buyer and their motivation. I have a patented series of question I ask buying agent to obtain all the information in need before the buyer’s agent knows what is happening. My indirect questioning approach has been developed and refined over more than 20 years of negotiation experience.

Maximum Offline Exposure

1 Our marketing experience We are marketing experts first and foremost

2 We are committed to selling 100% of our listings.

3 Maximum of 12 active listings per agent

4 Relentless follow up and buyer call back

5 The largest email mailing list of any brokerage in Edmonton

6 Realtor top of mind networking

7 Listing description that sells

8 Direct Mail and Flyer Distribution:

9 Free staging including home interior design and staging implementation

10 Local and online influencer direct mailing

11 Networking and co marketing with local businesses

12 Monthly open house

13 Free renovation and repair quotations

14 Tabletop display package

15 Television and Radio Market where necessary and cost effective

16 Garage Sale

17 Commission Bonus

18 For Sale Sign

19 Oversea buyer marketing

20 Borrowed down payment program

Maximum Online Exposure

1 Social media marketing

2 Social media engagement

3Search engine marketing

4 Referral Incentive Programs

5 10,000 Past Clients mailing list

6 Mailing list creation

7 Text message marketing

8 Regular posting to all real estate marketplaces

9 Free professional photography

10 3D Virtual Tour

11 Drone Aerial photography

12 Virtual Staging and interior design

13 Free professional appraisal

14 Post Video of your property on YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo and other video sharing websites

15 Single Property Website

16 Pay per click Ads

17 Online Ad Retargeting

18 Buyer Incentive Program:

Our Results

$250 Million+ Transaction Volume

98% Average Selling Price to listing Price Ration

50% of listing commission spent on marketing

Most 5 star reviews of any Agent

10 Full time Internet Ads. Specialist

10 Full time Internet Ads. Specialist

20,000+ email subscriber database

40+ years of combined marketing and real estate experience

80,000+ real estate agent and real estate investor in our network

20 Internet post per day per listing

#1 Data driven real estate brokerage

100% Committed to sell your house within 100 days

Our Results

Trusted Adviser Realty

Sell 100% of our listing

Limit the number of listing anyone agent can take

Limit the number of listing anyone agent can take

Spend up 50% of listing fee on marketing

Detailed Methodology for servicing listing

Referral and word of mouth base independent brokerage

Other Agents and brokerage

Take every listing and hopes some sell

Each agent can take as many listing as possible

No marketing specialist each agent works for himself

Spend less than 5% of listing fee on marketing

No Methodology

Hide behind multination brand name to attract client because they have no method and no experience