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Tired of searching for your dream home with little or no success? Look no further' Trusted Advisers Realty has a proven method to find and buy your dream home with 100% confidence.

Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of buying a home with our Buy Risk Free methodology. Our 20-step system is the result of years of experience, extensive training and research. We analyzed over 2,000 failed real estate transaction scenarios and gleaned insights from interviews with over 6,000 home buyers and realtors. We've condensed all this information into a comprehensive 20-step system that eliminates all the risks associated with buying a home. With Trusted Advisers Realty, you can enjoy a smooth and worry-free property buying experience. We will help you find your dream home that is safe and secure.

Fearless Home buying: Conquering Real Estate Risks


Buying a problem house

The fear of buying a house with hidden or unknown problems



The fear of not being able to afford the home, or not being able to make the payments on the mortgage.



The fear of not being able to find the right location or not being able to find a home in the desired area.



The fear of not being able to keep up with maintenance and repairs.


Homeowners' Association

The fear of not understanding the rules and regulations of the homeowners' association.


Property Taxes

The fear of not being able to pay the property taxes on a yearly basis.


Hidden Expenses

The fear of not being able to anticipate the unknown expenses associated with owning a home.


Market Changes

The fear of not being able to predict market changes and the effect it could have on property values.


Resale Value

The fear of not being able to resell the home at a price that would cover the cost of the purchase

30 Steps Buyer Protection System

1 Researching the local real estate market

2 Assisting in finding and touring homes

3 Negotiating purchase contracts

4 Recommending home inpectors

5 Assisting with home inspection findings

6 Recommending mortgage lenders

7 Assisting with loan pre-approval process

8 Negotiating on price, terms, and conditions

9 Assisting in escrow process

10 Recommending legal counsel

11 Recommending legal counsel

12 Recommending home insurance

13 Assisting in obtaining closing documents

14 Recommending home warranty companies

15 Recommending contractors and home repair services

16 Coordinating home repairs

17 Recommending home appraisers

18 Negotiating repairs with seller

19 Obtaining seller disclosures

20 Coordinating and attending inspections

21 Reviewing inspection reports

22 Negotiating inspection items

23 Recommending home staging services

24 Recommending home energy audit services

25 Recommending pest inspection services

26 Recommending environmental testing services

27 Recommending radon testing services

28 Negotiating home warranty terms

29 Advising on market trends in the area

30 Attending home walkthrough